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Belgian Speculoos with the taste you can trust

If you’re looking for Belgian speculoos with a mighty fine taste made from organic wheat, farmer’s butter and selected spices, with far less sugar and an honest crisp, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome at La Confiance.

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Good taste deserves the best

We are a bakery that makes and bakes speculoos a bit differently. It sounds easy, but – trust us – it’s not… We don’t make speculoos like industrial bakeries do. Why would we buy ingredients from industrial suppliers, if farmers around us have the really good stuff?

That’s why we source our ingredients directly from farmers and millers around us – all united by honest agriculture, respect for nature and for great taste. We say NO to stuff produced by industries. We partner up with farmers who grow organic wheat in Belgium and produce their own natural butter. We work with a miller’s family who – since 4 generations – grind our wheat to preserve all its goodness. We embrace the sweet taste of the traditional cane sugar. We mix, knead and bake in small batches. And we use authentic recipes from my great-grandfather. Because your authentic speculoos simply deserves all that’s real.

“Less is more: we mainly use pure ingredients straight from the farm far away from industrial processing. And we source from local Belgian farmers and growers: carefully milled flour, farmer’s butter, raw cane sugar …”

Trust is no new concept.

My great-grandfather built La Confiance on it, back in 1924.

“La Confiance was founded by my great-grandfather, Jozef Borms, who was a baker back in the 1920’s, and his baking partner August. They didn’t just pick this name by coincidence. ‘Confiance’ means as much as trust. Jozef believed that one should earn the trust of people by being honest, trustworthy and going for the best every day. Values which he also passed on to my grandfather and father.

Four years ago, I found back his recipes, together with his notes. They inspired me to follow my dreams, drenched in the same beliefs my great-grandfather treasured. That’s why we bring La Confiance back to life… To bring you the joy of authentic Belgian speculoos, only made with ingredients of farmers we can trust. Only natural ingredients. Nothing else.”

Leo Borms
Founder La Confiance

The ingredients we source tell you everything

For our speculoos, we only select organic ingredients, mostly grown around us in the area stretching from Belgium to the North of France. And from farmers we know and can buy directly from – simply because you and many others care. And we’re happy to share that with you on our packaging.

We trust in Thibaut, the happy farmer of our organic wheat

Thibaut grows the best wheat found in Belgium. And it makes him feel like a king. Not in terms of wealth or prosperity but in terms of happiness. Thibaut supplies us with nutritious flour from his sun-ripened, organically grown wheat. It is carefully milled in Oudenaarde to preserve al its goodness.

And Thibaut has a great sense for timing. Not only in seeding and harvesting. You can set your watch on it: he always brings a new batch of wheat at the time when the first biscuits leave the oven…

Our trust in truly great farmers and their ingredients: a never ending quest

Just like with Thibaut, we’re also looking to connect directly with farmers who make our butter, who grow the cane for our cane sugar… It’s like Rome: we can’t build it in one day. But every week, we find people who simply put a lot of love, passion and dedication in their crops and go for the best. Because that’s what you taste in La Confiance speculoos.


For all of our recipes, we aim to bring you the true taste of authentic speculoos.

Fresh Taste

Freshness always! When you open the La Confiance pack, you’ll immediately notice the lovely scent and taste of freshly baked speculoos.


We’re proud of our farmers and growers. And we make no secret of who they are and where they farm. More of their stories will follow soon, on pack and on our website.


In our bakery, we use modern equipment of course, yet with respect for the great Belgian speculoos tradition. Less processing. More time to knead, to rest the dough and bake. More taste for you.


We source ‘Belgian’ and local ingredients as much as we can. Because we love what the new generation of passionate farmers do around here.


And we literally mean crrrrrrisp! Every speculoos biscuit in every batch must bring you a delightful taste and texture. We want them to be yummie till the last crumb.

Small is beautiful. And you can taste it.

To make our speculoos taste really great, we went through a lot of trials and errors. Not only in the choice of ingredients, but also in getting the mother dough completely right… and in doing the baking more than right!  

Authentic spices

We chose to reduce the amount of sugar you find in many recipes and bring in the authentic spices my great-grand father used to bring you: a speculoos packed with real taste. We use copper moulds to achieve a perfect golden baked speculoos biscuit and we take the time for our dough to rest and fully develop its flavour… Yes, we’re talking small batches. But isn’t small often more beautiful?

130 grams to savour

That’s how with each pack of La Confiance, you can rely on 130 grams of rich taste and delicious crisp – with just the right dash of sweetness to savour our speculoos at any time of day.

A range to lift your mood

The ‘core’ La Confiance speculoos is our classic speculoos, inspired by the authentic recipe of my great-grandfather, yet with less sugar and more spice. It’s indulgence with a bang!

But we’ve got more that can lift your mood. We’re currently working on an hazelnut-speculoos, with premium, organic hazelnuts from Piedmont, Italy. And we’re trying out some more spicy varieties… We’ll tell you more as soon as we’re happy with the trials.

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La Confiance honoured with the highest score of the ITQI Superior Taste Award

Our all Belgian, all biological speculoos is conquering taste buds worldwide – up to the highest culinary ranks. La Confiance successfully passed iTQI’s (International Taste and Quality Institute) renowned taste test: a jury of leading chefs and sommeliers rated our product over 90% and granted us a 3 stars Superior Taste Award. A label we’ll proudly wear over the next few years!


For any question concerning our biscuits, feel free to get in touch!

Where to find us?

You can find us in every Bio-Planet store and in the “Groot Vleeshuis” (also online store) in Ghent. Most probably you’ll also find us in the organic and gourmet food stores around your corner. Contact us or call us! We’ll be happy to share the nearby retailer who has La Confiance on the shelf:

Schaapveld 7, 9200 Dendermonde, Belgium

+32 52 22 58 22

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