Honoured with the highest score of the Superior Taste Award: 3 golden stars.

Sourced from the farmers we're working with. Meet Thibault, Federico and José.

A family recipe form 1924

Brought back to life with only the best organic ingredients of today's agriculture.

A sublime speculoos with ingredients sourced 100% from our farmers

Would you like to taste a unique speculoos, based on a family recipe from 1924, made with real butter and carefully selected spices? Would you like to know which farmers grow our ingredients? Then you’ve come to the right place. 
Welcome at La Confiance!


Our speculoos has a sublime taste,
a delicious scent and an ultra crunchy texture. It was honoured by an international jury of 135 leading chefs with the highest score of the Superior Taste Award: 3 golden stars. Taste our speculoos and you'll immediately notice the taste of real butter and the different flavours!


We buy our main ingredients 100% from the organic farmers we're working with: Belgian wheat from farmer Thibault from Beaumont, hazelnuts from farmer Federico from Piedmonte (Italy) and cocoa from farmer José from Peru.
We proudly tell you who they are and where they're cultivaring our ingredients. 


Baker Jozef Borms, great-grandfather of our founder Leo Borms, founded La Confiance in 1924. A few years ago we found his recipe and notes. Inspired by this, we decided to bring this family recipe from 1924 back to life with only the best, organic ingredients of today’s agriculture.