Maison La Confiance

Traditional production

Of course we use modern equipment in our bakery, yet with respect for the great Belgian speculoos tradition. We use bronze moulds to achieve a perfect golden baked speculoos biscuit and we take the time for our dough to rest and fully develop its flavour… Less processing. More time to knead, to rest the dough and bake. More taste for you!


Authentic spices

We chose to reduce the amount of sugar in our recipe and use the authentic spices my great-grand father. With great care we select spices of the best quality and we add them perfectly dosed to our dough. 

Deliciously crispy

And we literally mean crrrrrrispy! Every speculoos biscuit in every pack must bring you our delicious scent, our sublime taste, our delightful texture and just the right dash of sweetness. We want them to be yummie till the last crumb. Anytime you like...